At Carried Away it is our philosophy to do all we can to ensure our customers are happy with their buying experience.

  1. In the case of faulty goods, we will provide a remedy as required by the consumers guarantees act.

We reserve the right to request photographs or other evidence showing the nature of the fault and may require the goods to be returned to us. In the case that the goods are proven to be faulty, we will refund the return freight.

  1. In the case of goods that are not faulty, due to the often-bespoke nature of Coffins and caskets, it is not possible to accept returns or exchanges.

We will however attempt to assist in any practical way that we can.

  1. In the case of coffin hardware, we will, at our discretion, exchange goods that are not faulty, provided
    1. The goods are returned to us at the customers expense and are in merchantable condition.
    2. The customer pays for the freight on the replacement goods.
    3. The customer pays a 10% restocking charge.