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Our Philosophy

Apart from taxation, the only thing in life that is inevitable is death.

Yet the process of arranging a respectful send off to our loved ones is seldom talked about before the the event, and as a consequence those who are grieving are faced with making important decisions that they have not prepared for, and in the emotional environment after the death of a loved one, are vulnerable to making unnecessarily costly choices.

This situation has long been exploited by some Funeral Directors.

I am often asked what the “rules” are regarding buying a coffin other than from the Funeral Director arranging the funeral. There is no reason that you cannot supply a coffin for your loved one to be buried or cremated in, provided that is structurally sound and complies with crematorium requirements (if applicable).

Put simply, no reputable Funeral Director will object to your providing the coffin. If they do, they are sending you a message about how they view their customers. My recommendation would be to find someone else who is more focused on your needs.

We all want to say goodbye to our dear departed in a respectful manner, and so the temptation when making decisions about what to spend on a funeral, or Tangi, is to focus on our loss and doing the best for the departed, sometimes at the expense of prudent spending.

At Carried Away, our aim is to provide a good-looking coffin that is structurally sound and reflects the respect and love of the mourner for the deceased, at a price that is affordable.

I have a pet hate for bargain basement goods that look cheap and nasty, so we make every attempt to ensure our coffins are not only serviceable, but also look the part.

Decorating your loved-ones coffin...

It is often appropriate for Whanau and friends to decorate the coffin themselves, and perhaps leave a message under the lid, thus providing a unique and personal send off. In this case there is little point in spending unnecessary money on a painted or polyurethaned coffin, a bare coffin will serve the purpose just as well and save precious dollars.

Likewise, for a returned serviceman, or a revered elder, it may be desired to drape the casket in a flag or cloak or similar. Again the finish of the coffin itself in this instance is less important.

If a viewing is planned, or the coffin is to be open, a lining is probably going to be required to provide a respectful appearance. We offer a selection of simple linings in unbleached calico, bleached calico and satin, including pillows and top covers if required.

Keep it simple...

If there is to be no viewing however, it can seem wasteful to spend money on a fancy lining that no one will see. Lets face it, if you are living on a budget, the deceased would probably be happier if you spent the money on something to improve the life of their loved one, you.

At Carried Away, we will never try and sell you anything that you feel is not necessary. We are committed to providing the best possible coffin at the lowest possible price.