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Our history

Some years ago, my mother, then aged 93, suffered a stroke which affected her quite badly.

In anticipation of the possibility of her death, I visited a Funeral Director in order to prepare myself both mentally and financially for what appeared to be an imminent possibility.

My mum was a bit of a character and for years had said that she wanted to be buried in a bright yellow coffin with a smiley face on the end. I was horrified to be told by the undertaker that this coffin was going to cost upwards of $3,000.

Both mum and I have long been of the belief that money is better spent on the living than the dead (balanced with the need for a respectful send-off), so my next question was “what is the cheapest coffin that I can have?” I was told that this would be $1900.I was still horrified!
This seemed outrageous to me, and so the idea that resulted in “Carried Away” was born.

Apart from a couple of prototypes, the first coffin that I built was for Mum when she passed, 6 weeks short of her 97th birthday. It was bright yellow and had a smiley face on both ends, just as she wished (pictured adjacent).

One problem that I encountered when I was preparing to build her coffin was where to source the hardware (handles and screws), as none of the companies I approached would sell them to me as they only sold to ‘the trade’.

pictures of my mom's coffin

I had a son living and working in Shanghai at the time, so during a visit to him, I used the opportunity to visit some suppliers to investigate the sourcing of the hardware for Mum’s coffin from China.

This visit led to my establishing a relationship with a supplier in Shanghai, and we are now able to offer a range of coffin hardware to New Zealanders as well as our coffins.

If you want to make your own coffin, check out our hardware range – we’d love to help you.