A couple of years ago my mother in law passed away and I was thrown into the task of finding a coffin that reflected her beliefs and wishes whilst also meeting the wishes of her daughters. In this situation the coffin was to be not ostentatious yet still be attractive, not excessively priced and it had to satisfy her daughters desire that she was comfortable in it.
I looked at the assigned undertakers selection and decided to source one myself. I looked online and found several that met a lot of the requirements but most of these were very expensive. I phoned the companies advertising these coffins and liked what I heard from Mike at Carried Away. I then went and met him and he showed me the coffins he had and the accessories that were available. Between us we came up with a lovely coffin that depicted my mother in law in most every way and our family provided a mattress that gave a sense of comfort for our beloved deceased mother – mother in law. The outlay was as she had insisted, very favourable and affordable by comparison to any of the alternatives. A very simple yet beautiful plain unpainted pine coffin.
This year my father passed away and he and my mother had admired the coffin I had got from Mike so I didn’t hesitate to ring Mike immediately that night to order another plain but beautiful coffin which he built the very next day in time for my family to pick it up from him and meet the cremation time the day after. I fitted rope handles to this one which made it look so natural that it was admired by everyone who attended. No visible fittings, natural wood with natural hemp rope handles. It did my dad proud.
Mikes empathy with me was very much appreciated and my boys who picked up the second coffin were very happy also. His coffins are affordable and real. No bull, no pomp. To those that care about these things I fully recommend this man and his product.