When All Started

Some years ago, my Mother, then aged 93, had a stroke and so I thought I had better learn about what was involved in arranging a funeral.
The undertaker that I spoke to, took me through all the details and at the end asked me what sort of coffin I would like. I said that Mum was a good Scottish woman so something simple and affordable would do fine. To cut a long story short, mum wanted a yellow coffin with a smiley face on the end and I learned to my horror that that would cost me around $3000.
So, I manufactured Mum’s coffin and began offering coffins to the general public.
I quickly learned that the funeral industry is a very closed one and to buy things like coffin handles, you had to be an undertaker, otherwise no one would sell to you.
This sounded to me like a cartel type situation and I resolved to import my own handles which could be made available to anybody who wished to buy them.

About Our Coffins

I am proud to say that our coffins look the part and offer a realistic alternative to the expensive offerings that are available from the trade. We offer our coffins in any state, from bare inside and out to painted and internally lined. We are strong believers that you should not have to pay for anything that you do not need or want.
For instance, you might cut costs by omitting an interior lining if there is going to be a closed coffin funeral. We will never try to sell you something against your wishes.
I am often asked what the rules are for coffins and funerals. Put simply, apart from a little bit of paperwork that is required, there are none.

Great Comfort For The Family

One thing that we do recommend for your consideration, is that the family may get great comfort out of helping decorate the coffin. This process is a great way to get involved in saying goodbye and is particularly good for children, who often get left out of the proceedings and are grieving just as much as the adults.

High Level Of Service

We were really satisfied with the level of service, care & end result. As John was a large guy, it was appreciated you gave us peace of mind that the casket would be fine. Your communication between my daughter and yourself was great. I definitely would recommend your services if asked.

Like to do a DIY funeral?

You can actually do as much or as little as you like.
If you wish to do the whole funeral yourself, there is nothing stopping you. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, I would refer you to the “Better Send Off” website, which has a wealth of information about this topic.

Better send off